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Height Length of base, Of four stages in Mexico.

Tertlias_Anotaes 772 a 1315

Passengers must purchase tickets before their baggage can be checked. They do not circu- late, however, so that the traveler will have nothing to do with them.

It is said that an extensive revision of the Mexican tariff is about to be made, by which the duties will be considerably reduced. Between the doorways leading from the corridor to these rooms are great tablets, each 13 feet long and 8 feet high, and all covered with elegantly-carved inscriptions.

Mayapan, the capital of this kingdom, was destroyed at that time, and never after- ward inhabited.

Up to the present time Mexican literature has occupied a subordinate position compared to that of Europe and the United States. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento.

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Gana dinero con nosotros. It must not be assumed, however, that these mwndado ventions are paid in money. The teocallis may now be mentioned. They retain their rank, without power. It cousists of the cactus, pUo, and a few j;ini trees.

Tertlias_Anotaes a – [PDF Document]

The Republic proclaimed at Vera Ci-uz. There are two lines of coasting steamers on the Pacific, which run as far north as Guaymas. Lcrdo de Tejada, though elected a second time, is prevented by the Diaz party from serving as President. About 80 miles are traveled daily, which occupies from twelve to fifteen hours, according to the condition of the roads. A Mexican official of high rank has lately in- formed the author that this plan is about to be discon- tinued.


Cortes died in Spain. The Cordillera, from Chihuahua on the north to Oaxaca on the south, contains almost inexhaustible deposits of gold, silver, iron, copper, and lead ; while zinc, mercury, tin, platinum, and coal occur in a few localities. Lignite or brown coal dw in many localities, but it is not used to any extent. Df lowest is 3 feet high, 15 wide, and long ; the -second is 20 feet high, wide, and long ; the third, 19 feet high, 30 wide, and long.

Many stars do what good stars do best, act well. Lcrdo de Injun, twenty-second President. On the other hand, the dust rising in clouds, which often envelop the vehicle so that the surrounding country is invisible for a few moments, constitutes the only draw- back to traveling by diligence in the dry season.

The intendancy of Guadalajara. The intendancy of Mexico, t There are cities of 15, inhabitants, remote from innuno regular lines of travel, where no inn is to be found. There are several excellent por- traits of illustrious Mexicans in the Sala innuno Embajadores at the National Palace, most of them having been painted by Segredo and Obregon.

The area covered by its remains is extensive. Santa Anna, President fourth time; eleventh President. The French rcoccupy Tampico. The natives make ex- cellent wax-matches called cerillos, which are sold at one centavo a box.

Some of them are ornamented with figures of serpents. The Republicans defeat the Imperialists at San Pedro. If the tourist intends to move about a great deal, he will have to spend at least forty dollars a week. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. Within that period an unprecedented number of the Eng- lish-speaking races have visited that country either as tourists, or as explorers with a view to an actual settle- ment and a permanent residence.


The sugar used comes in loaves directly from the mills, and is broken up by hand into small pieces. Santa Anna, fifth President.

Beef and mutton, as well as poultry, are generally to be had at breakfast and dinner in the fondas throughout the Bepublic.

Up to the year the Mexican Government has ex- acted an export duty of 5 per cent on coin. We are aston- ished to see in regions most remote from one another, and under climates of the greatest diversity, man following the same model in his edifices, in his ornaments, in his hahits, and even in the form of his political institutions. In referring to the uniform character of the surface of the great plateau of Mexico, Humboldt has remarked in the Cosmos, vol.

The chapter is el cabildo. The dry climate is favorable to the endurance of the edifices, and many houses built soon after the Conquest are still in a fair state of preservation. Huevos fritos, fried eggs.

The walls are of great thick- ness, and cellars are rarely seen. Mexico to Maravatio 1 day.

WellSy Fargo S Co. Lead-ores, usually in the form of galena and oftentimes argentiferous, are abundant throughout the country. In one of the edifices are found rooms whose walls are covered with picture-writing.

Most of the houses have one story, and are provided with a patio, or courtyard, in which flowers and fruit-trees are planted.