Le matin vers 9 heures le four solaire est enclenché. Le mélange de vapeur cuit la plus grande partie des repas de la cuisine solaire. The Solar Kitchen (La Cuisine Solaire) in Auroville, TamilNadu, India is specially designed for using solar thermal energy for cooking meals. The kitchen. Solar kitchen. 1. SOLAR KITCHEN AUROVILLE Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer Type of building use: institutional building for visitors to Auroville.

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A Thousand — Pillared Chamber Aayirakkalmandapam. Download Auroville Info App for Android.

La Cuisine Solaire

What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville? Collective Housing in l Residential Zone. Pitchandikulam Forest Virtual Herbarium. Future School for children of 14 – 19 years. A tilted fixed mast supports a moving receiver which can rotate in all directions around a double-axis articulation placed at the centre of the sphere and balanced by a counterweight. Transition school for children of 6 – 14 years. What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville?


Le concentrateur solaire | Auroville

Ils paient une cotisation mensuelle et peuvent prendre ce lq ils ont besoin. Deepanam School for children of 7 to 14 years age. It’s possible to arrive unannounced without a booking, but you have to wait until 1: Admission Policy currently used by Entry Service in.

Lilaloka – Resource centre for the child. Vaasal Magazine – Tamil Culture newsletter. A Note on Unending Education in Auroville. Aikiyam School – serving children from nearby villages. Auroville city area – Land Suitability and Land Use proposal. The Kitchen asks anyone intending to eat there to book in advance.

Explore Solar Kitchen and Prosperity Area. Your First Steps into Auroville: Sign In Don’t have an account? Matrimandir under construction – Eateries — community dining halls, restaurants and cafes in Au Inauguration of the Peace Table for Europe.

Explorer la Cuisine Solaire et la Zone de Prospérité | Auroville

Integral Health – providing classical homeopathy and support t Innovating in a Village School: Piero and Gloria’s House Frequently asked questions on press and media. Frequently asked questions on coming to Ccuisine.

Sante – Auroville Institute for Integral Health. It serves lunch daily in its dining hall, and sends lunches out to schools and to individuals as well. Towards a sustainable water resource management for the bio-re What you can do.


Matrimandir construction photos from to Water ceremony for Auroville’s 50th anniversary. The realisation of the Yoga of Knowledge is when one feels that one lives in the wideness of something silent, featureless and universal called the Self and all else is seen as only forms and names; the Self is real, cuisone else.

A Thousand — Pillared Chamber Aayirakkalmandapam. Donating to Auroville projects, online or offline.

Auroville Solar Kitchen

Products Made in Auroville Available Online. Transition school for children of 6 – 14 years. Vision The Auroville Charter: Transportation – Moving Around Auroville. Retrieved from ” http: Pitchandikulam Forest Virtual Herbarium. Ilaignarkal Education Centre for Auroville workers of all ages