Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. Note: After I finished this guide, I saw that it could work as a hybrid Swordmage| Cleric, although you have to cherry-pick powers from two classes who aren’t. Swordmages apply the arcane arts to melee combat. The combat skills they possess are enhanced by the magic they wield. The flourish of a.

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Ah, there’s the funny thing, fighters are always tough. The classes will be: Oh yeah, and someone on the other boards pointed out that Arcane Reach only applies to Attack powers, so can’t be used with your Aegis. Another amusing thought I had: Uses an Immediate saordmage, though, so be careful. November 09, Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! Very interesting power – encounter power too.

Because Twilight Falls is just plain awesome in combination with your mark. I need someone to explain why it’s not, possibly with visual aids. Greater Aegis of Shielding. Your defensive powers can protect your allies and yourself.


Remember what I said about marking also applying to enemies attacking each other? You mark the target for the rest of the encounter, hit or miss, and if they don’t respect it, they will pay for it.

Wich is kinda ironic because they were actually suposed to be pure defenders. At this level, an normal wizard would actually be better, because he doesn’t have a completely worthless at-will power. And c’mon, 1 point of attack is not enough to make a difference between “a punch to the face” and “caress”.

Spellshooting Swordmage (4e Character Optimization)

Sign In Don’t have an account? I honestly dne it was supposed to be Elemental with the uncontrolled Elemental craziness myself Swordmages are all trained in the skill Arcana Int. Immortal Warding Arcane Power lets them keep their warding up while unconscious, so even if you drop, you can stay protected.

You do lots of Elemental damage, and now you’ll do more. Genasi from Returned Abeir are the archetypal assault swordmages.

Lightning Lure AW 1 Useful for relocating enemies, and for Shielding Swordmages, it sure beats lobbing thrown weapons. Some consider Surprising Transposition inferior to Dimensional Vortex. They have a bit of an edge on paladins here, but not that much on Fighters. What do you guys think? You can use the Aegis of Assault power to teleport to the side of of the attacker and respond with an attack of your own. Ranger – Two-Weapon Fighting isn’t great for Swordmages, and neither is Archery, but they have a very wide range of useful utility powers, and Hunter’s Quarry helps raise your low-ish damage output.


I recommend Phantom Chasm, because it works with psychic lock.

Swordmage Handbook

Wisdom is essential to increase the size of our aegis with the wandering swordmage paragon path, and dexterity will be raised for a small boost to initiative and to qualify for some feats.

Charisma en Strength are of little use to us. Masters of Blade Magic: Swordmage powers, having an sworsmage power sourceare also called spells. Heritage of blades gives us a stance that lets us protect our allies and deal extra damage each round. Whereas, Assaulting Swordmagi, Paladins, and Fighters still make controller type attacks a choice of “pain or attack sworfmage defender”.