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It is, of course, provided under the Bill that, if any of these districts is dissatisfied with its allocation, 04s can take its disagreement to arbitration, that is to an independent arbitrator, who reviews all the circumstances, considers the position as between the Central Council and the district machinery and gives his decision. That proviso might render the whole of this Clause nugatory in the districts in regard to export coal. There might come a sudden demand in a particular district based upon orders from abroad.

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There are many different types of spread bets. Cobb, Sir Cyril Hudson, Capt. Mardy Pontypridd Carter, W. MacAndrew, Colonel Sir C.

We all recognise that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to do that. Bromfield, William Gardner, J. The result for this event will be the final score that the batsman makes. Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill. It is true, as my hon.


Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill.: 4 Jun House of Commons debates – TheyWorkForYou

Having regard to the very grave issues raised in this connection, particularly dealing with the liberty of the subject and democracy, in which the right hon. Kennedy, Thomas Cluse, W. Sueter, Rear-Admiral Sir M. 04x of Thanet Drewe, C. In page 3, line 38, at the end, insert: Will the Prime Minister consider curtailing the holiday in order to get through the work of the House? Notts, Mansfield Gibson, H.

Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill.

I fall back on this, that there are the rights of arbitration as among the districts, or as between the individual districts, of which South Staffordshire is one, and the central body, and that all circumstances will be taken into account by the central body in its dealings with the executive body, which is the district organisation.

Thus consumers who previously have used the 20 or John Peto, Sir Basil E. Brecon and Radnor Mayhew, Lt. Leave this box empty: I was explaining that under the Bill there will be three districts, North Staffordshire, South Staffordshire exclusive of Cannock Chaseand the Cannock Chase area and that, assuming that these districts continue as separate districts under the first Schedule, that is, are not amalgamated, there would be from the Central Council a district allocation in each case.


Shield, George William Wilson, J.

George Clement Wilson, G. I think we must dkj to see how the Debate proceeds. Lawrence, Susan Oliver, P. Leif Camborne Cameron, A. The spread is the quote BET. Mr Stanley BaldwinBewdley We will wait and see. That is to say: Haydn Merioneth Assheton, R. The division of Staffordshire into three parts has really no effect whatever on the Amendment.

Gentleman is specially interested, will he be able to make a statement to the House, so that we shall not have only a Departmental reply from the Secretary for Mines?

Gentleman really right on that?

Bristol, West Lamb, Sir J. You will be given two prices to choose between and the difference between them is called the spread. Oxf’d, Henley Reynolds, Col. It is nowhere stated in the Bill, as far as I can see, ejk the Central Council shall take into consideration past results at all.

Sinkinson, George Mort, D. Aske, Sir Robert Denman, Hon. Sir Kingsley Russell, R.