Darkship Thieves byHoyt [Hoyt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Facing mutiny armed only with a torn nightgown and her wits. Athena has . Darkship Thieves and its sequel Darkship Renegades are Science Fiction novels by Sarah A. Hoyt. Set in a solar system after a massive revolt against. Darkship Thieves (Darkship, book 1) by Sarah A Hoyt – book cover, description, publication history.

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Notorious for rebelling against her fate as a smiling, demure broodmare, she’s been kicked out of every military school and insane asylum her father could find. And the twist at the end, about what Athena is? Darkship Thieves reads a lot like an homage to Heinlein’s classic space operas, with hyper-competent, rather ruthless but ultimately moral protagonists sharing pithy words of wisdom and vaguely libertarian sentiments while kicking bad guys in the crotch.

More recently, she was featured on a podcastThe Future and You [11]. Jan 07, Stacey rated it liked it Shelves: The Terrans believe the Darkships to tthieves a myth. Solid enough ‘ending’ to make this an acceptable stand-alone book but clearly also a setup for a sequel.

Are they cloned from supersoldiers? Or does as much http: It’s just her luck she crashes into a darkship stealing from Earth’s Athena “Thena” Sinistra is the thifves of one of the most darkshil men in the 24th century, one of the ruling oligarchs.

Probably not nearly as thrilling as most people will think, but at any rate, it is a trade secret of sorts, and besides, I might need to hide it there again. Let me give you a few minor examples, since the big problems are too big and too many and would require a longer review than this book is worth of: This book doesn’t even seem to pass the Bechdel Test. The author even dedicates this book to Heinlein who also wrote books with strong female lead characters like Athena.


Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Science Fiction Romance First off, the performance by Kimberly Dakin was excellent, I felt it captured the voice of Athena incredibly well. I really like this story and its characters and hope to continue once book three is released.

She just was not believable. Hoyt kept hinting at some huge conspiracy or secret or something but I never felt dafkship she delivered. I rarely make my copyeditors cry.

Once there, she literally runs into a Darkship, thought to be a myth, harvesting powerpods. I was excited to find out there is a sequel coming out later this year called Darkship Renegade which I am looking forward to reading.

The world of the darkship thieves – where Athena finds herself for a while – is an interesting contrast to Earth, both in the novel and today, but it too isn’t fleshed out very much.

While the romance is there, it’s nicely done and not dwelled upon on its own account too much. This is an intriguing story with some fascinating ideas. Oh gosh its cover debate time again.

DarkShip Thieves

Apr 08, Trase Passantino rated it it was ok. Suddenly escape becomes easy, the villain is dealt with with surprising speed and really, very little action on the part of the main protagonists and they’re off home, to end on an ironic note, rather than a satisfying one.

Casting for DarkShip Thieves 5 81 Mar 14, Like human instinctive — if hidden — dislike of those who are perceived as different. I do like the politics though, and the ending is satisfying. She cannot do so in her hair, because she does not have any at this point.

The Big Idea: Sarah A. Hoyt

I remember she’s a bit like Jewel Staite’s character on Firefly and xarkship good with machines. Write a customer review. On the bright side, the final line of the book has to be one of the greatest ever and is a perfect reminder of everything that is in fact right with this story and this author.


I think this is one of my favourite BI essays so far, because of the way it so clearly demonstrates the process and path you took developing from your original idea into a full-fledged story.

No Reviews are Available. This was a fun read. Thena is a very scrappy young lady is quite used to fighting her way through situations. I found myself just wanting to smack them both at times. Never wanted to visit Circum Terra. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

She had the makings of a very interesting character: I am glad that I finished the book, for the story. In a short time, after taking out the stranger–who turned out to be one of her father’s bodyguards up to no good, she was hurtling away from the ship in a lifeboat to get help. This book is filled with romance, adventure and more. FROM people in the industry, like booksellers. Then her boy gets captured while making another power pod run, and she has to go back to Earth for a confrontation with Daddy Dearest, in which we learn darkshiip kinds of deep dark secrets about Earth’s real history and Daddy’s sinister plans for his little girl, and an entire gang of space biker allies is introduced in the final act.

They started their own planet.

Darkship Thieves (Darkship, book 1) by Sarah A Hoyt

Their quirky romance is fun no sex scenes and very light sexual tension. D I really enjoyed this story. With her heightened physical skills she is able to escape, disabling an impress Dqrkship fiesty nineteen year old, Thena has left a string of burning institutions and baffled professionals in her wake.

DarkShip Thieves is a fun space opera adventure.