chANakya related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script, available in various Niti | (number sorted); | | चाणक्यनीती (वर्णानुक्रम) | Chanakya Niti. Chanakya Niti Slokas in Sanskrit: Chapter We bring you the 17th chapter of Chanakya Neeti as we continue our series of providing original text of this.

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According to Acharya Chanakya, in the life of a human being, the truth resembles the mother, wisdom resembles the father, righteousness resembles the brother and the sister, grace resembles the true friend, peace resembles the wife, and the forgiveness resembles the son and the daughter. Footer Embibe is India’s leading AI Based tech-company with a keen focus on improving learning outcomes, using personalised data analytics, for students across all level of ability and access.

It is time to optimizee your life with these Chanyakya neeti. Skip to content Chanakya Niti. Please try again later. Starting with new series, we present the original Slokas of the famous volume Chanakya Neeti by the famous political scientist, surgeon and thinker of India.

That which is past, is gone. And after death, the faith religion is the only friend. It is observed that the intelligence leaves the man at the time of destruction.

We really do not have to touch the fire to see how hot it is! We move ahead with our ….

Top 10 Chanakya Neeti- Guide For Self Motivation

So never give up before the miracle happens. That empire was also a destroyer and the empire was also a producer.


It is always good to share your secret with you. Popularly known as Kautilya, he still inspires a generation. Intelligent people educate their son well about the morality and different aspects of life that makes him a better person ahead.

We move ahead with … Chanakya Neeti Slokas in Sanskrit: We move ahead with our … Chanakya Neeti Slokas in Sanskrit: His 3 unique works – Chanakya policy, Chanakya Sutras and Kautilya economics. Water acts as nectar while eating, but it works slola when taken after meal.

Add all three to Cart. Life is unpredictable; it demands sadness to know happiness. Acharya says that the person who does good to you, you should also chnakya the same to him.

Indeed, the value of any material or anything for that matter is based upon some key …. A collection of best quotes by Chanakya, the great Indian economist and philosopher — quotes with actual shlokas in Sanskrit, and their meaning in Hindi and English.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Someone who insults the Vedas, Shastras, intelligent, virtuous and peaceful persons, is chanaky fool. He was a great economist and a great politician and a masterpiece.

Chapter 9 Sloka 1: Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Repenting on something that has happened in past would not help anything. It will inspire as well as guide you to follow the path of truth. This is indeed a volume of great insight and wisdom written by the famous political scientist, surgeon and thinker of India.


These ingredients make life meaningful and worth living.

chANakya related Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari script

According to Acharya, some things suit the best in certain levels. It is always good to good on everything no matter what it is. It is not a choice only, it is a lifestyle. They believe that friendship, good deeds and love are valuable — but chaankya truth is that we need each other in many ways.

A truely educated mind is the greatest weapon. Sir Athur Conan Doyle. So, all these friends should be recognized in time and should be well taken care of. According to the slkka science, heat transfer science, and other related studies, the diamonds are indeed one of the most valuable material types on earth.

chankya niti sloka Archives – Vedic Press

It is right to maintain boundary through pretend. See all 5 reviews. There is no wrong to bury which is disturbing the inner peace or not fitted with the atmosphere. Being good is ann wonderful and vibrant legacy to leeave beehind.

Chanakya … Chanakya Neeti Slokas in Sanskrit: Same applies to the future as well. Chapter 1 Sloka 1: His writings, most popularly Chanakya Neeti, are still helping people to understand the political, skoka, and moral ethics to make life more better.