3/2 solenoid valves – Flow control valves – Valve islands -. Accessories · GO AHEAD. Series pipe fittings. Fittings threads: metric. Pneumatic Components for Industrial Automation. Camozzi Catalogue.

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Cylinders Series 94 and 95 – through-rod.

Series 14 compact mini-cylinders. A with fixed interface. Series KN High Flow directly operated solenoid valves. Cylinders Series 60 cataloog through-rod. Series 30 rotary cylinders. Series CFB stainless steel solenoid valves. Coalescing filters Series MC.

Series NPF flexible suction pad mountings.

Series 62 cylinders – Aluminium profile. Compact magnetic cylinders Mod. Series PG digital pressure gauges – with cable. Series MX pressure regulators.

Camozzi Products area – Homepage

Series ER digital electro-pneumatic regulators. Series DRWB drives for the control of electric actuation. Series CGPS self-centering parallel grippers with double ball bearing guide. Intermediate plate for additional inlet and exhaust pressure. Bidirectional flow controllers Series MCO.


Manifold bars with separate exhausts low version. Series 28 flow control valves. Series VTCL suction pad – female thread. Series W directly operated solenoid valves. Series VTCN bellows suction pads round – 2,5 folds. Self aligning rod Mod.

Short-stroke cylinder Series QPR – cataloho. Pneumatically operated valves – dimensions. Series 1 and 3 mechanically operated valves. Cylinders Series 61 with rod lock.

Página 1051 – CATALOGO 8.5 ES

Series RL rod lock. Magnetic proximity switches with 2- or 3-wire cable for V-slot. Series K8P electronic proportional micro regulator – dimensions. Series MC coalescing filters. Series electronic control.

Bracket for horizontal mounting, for standard sub-base.

Basic logic valves “Memory”. Antirotating clevis pin Mod. Series MD activated carbon filters – dimensions. Interface plate – Series 6E cylinder on slider. Pressure switch with exchange contacts Mod. Series dual seal super-rapid fittings. Series 32 compact cylinders, Tandem and Multi-position versions. F for round tube cylinders. Series CGA angular grippers.


Series FVT caozzi cup filters. Series 97 stainless steel cylinders. Dimensions for Series QX with double flange.

BH and BL Soft start valves Series MX – dimensions. Series CLR Micro pressure regulators with banjo.