by Pastor Isaac. In Genesis the verse reads in Hebrew as this: בראשׁית ברא אלהים את השׁמים ואת הארץ׃ Bereshit bara Elohim ‘et hashamayim. The first three words of the Torah are, “בראשית ברא אלהים” (B’reishit bara Elohim), which is often translated as, “In the beginning, God created. The Jewish creation theology as it is reflected in the Midrash Bereshit Rabba ( BerR), is by no means a new subject. The first parashah of BerR, entirely devoted .

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The root word of tzyon is betrothed. Genesis 1 verses 1—5 sung in Hebrew as a cantillation. Vayvarech otam E lohim vayomer lahem E lohim peru urevu umil’u et-ha’aretz vechivshuha uredu bidgat bar uve’of hashamayim uvechol-chayah haromeset al-ha’aretz.

Others explain ‘image’ and ‘likeness’ here to refer to a sort of conceptual archetype, model, or blueprint that God had previously made for man Rashi.

Exploring the Bible Series. Vayomer E lohim totzei ha’aretz nefesh chayah leminah behemah varemes vechayto-‘eretz leminah vayhi-chen. To be lame means to limp badly or to be crippled, disabled. A Theological Survey of the Old Testament. Unauthorized reproduction or beresht of this program, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will baraa prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

Yom Echad – 1. A Handbook on the Hebrew Text.


Vayikra Elohim la-rakia shamayim vayehi-erev vayehi-voker yom sheni. In the Masoretic Text the verse consists of 7 words and 28 letters and is bbereshit follows:.

Jewish Genesis (Advanced)

Fill the land and conquer it. Vayivra E lohim et-hataninim hagedolim ve’et chol-nefesh hachayah haromeset asher sharetzu hamayim leminehem ve’et chol-‘of kanaf leminehu vayar E lohim ki-tov.

Vayivra E lohim et-ha’adam betzalmo betzelem elohim bara oto zachar unekevah bara otam.

Vehayu li-meorot birekia hashamayim leha’ir al-ha’arets vayehi-chen. Retrieved from ” https: Ulechol-chayat ha’arets ulechol-of hashamayim ulechol romes al-ha’arets asher-bo nefesh chayah et-kol-yerek esev le’ochlah vayehi-chen. Vayar Elohim et-kol-asher asah vehineh-tov me’od vayehi-erev vayehi-voker yom hashishi.

[YYS]Torah Mosheh 1: Barasheet / Genesis Chapter 1

God [thus] created man with His image. God named the light ‘Day,’ and the darkness He named ‘Night. They shall be lights in the heavenly sky, to shine on the earth. Moreover, of all creation, only man resembles God in having free will Maimonides, Yad, Teshuvah 5: Also we learn that the sun was created on the fourth day and not the first day, this point to the fact that we are not to worship the sun and moon light just as the pagan do. Vayomer E lohim yehi or; vay e hi-‘or.

An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. Vaya’as Elohim et-sheney hameorot hagdolim et-hamaor hagadol le-memshelet hayom ve’et hamaor hakaton le-memshelet halaylah ve’et hakochavim. God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:1

Vayikra E lohim larakia shamayim; vayhi-‘erev vayhi-voker yom sheni. Vayhi-‘erev vayhi-voker yom revi’i.


God named the dry land ‘Earth,’ and the gatherings of water, He named ‘Seas. The definite article i. Vatotse ha’arets deshe esev mazria zera leminehu ve’ets oseh pri asher zar’o-vo leminehu vayar Elohim ki-tov. Vayomer E lohim hineh natati lachem et-chol-‘esev zorea zera asher al-penei chol-ha’aretz ve’et-chol-ha’etz asher-bo feri-‘etz zorea zara lachem yihyeh le’ochlah.

The idea that God created the universe out of nothing creatio ex nihilo has become central to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but it is not found directly in Genesis, nor in the entire Hebrew Bible. God said, ‘There shall be light,’ and light came into existence. Call Non-existence things into Existence.

Bereshit and the depth of meaning in the first word of Bible | Assembly of Called-Out Believers

God [thus] created the great sea monsters, along with every particular species of living thing that crawls, with which the waters teem, and every eolhim species of winged flying creature. God saw that the light was good, and God divided between the light and the darkness. Veha’arets hayetah tohu vavohu vechoshech al-peney tehom veruach Elohim merachefet al-peney hamayim. Views Read Edit View history.