Barotseland Agreement of no longer an issue-Kambwili · Sondashi There is no clause in the document above which states Barotseland. This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the. , , English, Book edition: The Barotseland Agreement [electronic Barotseland /​ Zambia /​ Barotseland Agreement /​ Northern Rhodesia.

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Barotseland kingdom seeks to leave Zambia – BBC News

Jan 3, at barotselajd Rhodes, in order to gain a foothold in Central Africa, obtained a royal charter from the British Monarchy in Save your people,remember what your forefather King Lewanika lya mafuci did for his people….! At this time it looks like the only way Barotseland would get out of Zambian poverty is to have an autonomous provincial government that would control its economic affairs.

The author is a Lusaka-based Nkoya historian. I think its only the Lewanikas that benefit. About Website Editor ‘Please contact us as we are always looking for new stories, bright columns with innovative and sensational inspirational ideas.

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Full Barotseland agreement of – Zambian Watchdog

Other provinces seem more developed because we help ourselves and invest in where we come from. Rather than the ridicule the Batroseland Agreement has has continued to receive since independenceinthe Batroseland Agreement provides a wonderfrul opportunities for devolution agreement power to the provinces in the currentconstitutional making process.

Above all was it even respected? It is alleged that shortly after Sharpe had left, a party under the command of a Canadian, William Stairs, under the pay of the agreemnt of the Belgians, turned up at Bunkeya. Lists What are lists? Even if given independence, the Barotseland can not stand on its two legs unless one of the legs could be placed over the boarder baeotseland the Savimbi ruminants. Let me educate you, first of all, that the Chiefs you are talking about at Nalolo and Libonda have been in existence from barotaeland time of the famous tenth Litunga, Mulambwa, actually even before that.

As for Se-cessation ma guys just forget its very impossible. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply. According to Barotse activists’ views, the government in Lusaka also starved Barotseland of development — it has only one tarred road into the centre, from Lusaka to the provincial capital of Monguand lacks the kind of state infrastructure projects found in other provinces.


It is on the basis of the above, that the other tribes do not want to go back in history and have power centralised in the hands of the Barotse princes. How can they explain this if they are not given platform to barotselnad their views but instead they are charged with treason.


The mixed people of the Western Province of Zambia may have a bone of contention with the Lusaka government here. The strategy to use powerful tribal chiefs began in earnest after the Berlin Conference of The world needs intellectuals to bring out truths in small bites for the rest of us to understand. What has the Litunga done to help barotseland? Might I ask you therefore if, not withstanding the need to preserve Zambia in its present form, you accept that the provisions of that Agreement were intended to be binding and that they were cynically abrogated by a narcissistic president who brooked no tolerance to any threat to his power in whatever form or shape.

On 4 Decemberin a landmark Ruling, the High Court of Zambia ruled [20] that the Barotseland Agreement was abrogated, and no longer exists. Sebente, you dont have eyes.

He appealed to President Rupiah Banda to restore the paramount status of senior Chief Monze which was revoked by the British Government.

The Litunga and His Council 1 The government of the republic of Zambia will accord recognition as such to the person who is for the time The Litunga of Barotseland under the customary law of Barotseland. Agrdement you will just die for nothing you dont have a king, but the government rep. Litunga 194 Bulozi ka swalisano ni Mulonga sina mo ku inezi mwa Sizo sa Silozi i ta ba yena mufelelezi mwa litaba za Bulozi.

As an enlightened man, you surely have to accept that you invite anarchy if you disregard the laws of the land willy nilly.

Even the maps of Northern Rhodesia from are available and Barotseland is shown as being the extent of the current Western Province. December 20th, Updated On: He shud hav influenced development in the area considering that he has links wit the barotsdland world, namely U.


Home This edition, English, Book edition: Here’s an interesting read on the current Barotseland Agreement agrreement — http: This section needs additional citations for verification. Consequently, secessionist views are still aired from time to time. Larry Mweetwa Apologises to Lungu. And where, as having regard to the fact that all treaties and other agreements subsisting between her majesty the queen of the United Kingdom of great Britain and northern Ireland and The Litunga of Barotseland will terminate when Northern Rhodesia becomes an independent sovereign republic and her majesty’s government in the United Kingdom will there upon cease to have any responsibility for the government of Rhodesia including Barotseland.

They were misled by the so called learned people. Find out what the people want and meet there reasonable needs somewhere down the line. But if you want to start this, that money was royalties fraudulently paid to the Litunga by the BSAC — it rightly should have been paid to the Lamba chiefs from whose land the copper came.

All the Litunga and his lozi people need to do is to mingle with our government and pursue development in the province, just like every other province in Zambia needs development. You also may like to try some of these bookshopswhich may or may not sell this item. Y is he silent and his minions the BRE, the kuta and the mulongwanji.

Why Barotseland Agreement should not be restored

So they nothing like 85million pounds in loyalties. Patriotism is an inescapable and compelling moral imperative for all citizens-Chikwanda December 11, One Zambia One nation says it all.

The agreement does not fit into contemporary society and presents practical harotseland difficulties once implemented. Zambia is a republic! Litunga wa Bulozi ka swalisano ni Mulonga u ka lumelelwa ku ba ni maata a ku toma Milao ya Bulozi ye bagotseland ka ye: We have all read the agreement, but I am thinking the English being used is flying above some heads on this blog based news paper. At least we have learnt some.