Dhamma Talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso. Stream or Download. 31 Inspiring Talks. Anger & Forgiveness, (Download MP3), 18MB. Contentment. With gentle humor and inspiring stories, Ajahn Brahm shared his profound insights about practice and how to live one’s life with respect, love and compassion. The latest Tweets from Ajahn Brahm Talks (@BrahmTalks). Buddhist talks and news from Spiritual Director of Buddhist Society of Western Australia and abbot.

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You have long ago let go of chatter, let go of descriptions and assessments. You just have to get out of the way, let go, and watch it all happen. In the timeless realm, you experience this moment, just as all wise beings have been experiencing rbahm same moment for thousands of years.

Tales of a Forest Monk. When you have abandoned all past and all future, it is as if you have come alive.

Ajahn Brahm Dhamma Talk – The Happiness of Peace

You experience every part of each in-breath and out-breath, continuously for many hundred breaths in a row. After the first day his body was hurting so much he asked to go home.

So the next project. This Talk is one of the best talks on the subject of Forgving you can listen. A skilful means to achieve such profound letting go is to deliberately offer the gift of confidence to the nimitta.

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Let all of the past go and you have the ability to be free in the present moment.

Ajahn Brahm’s Dhamma Talks

Ajahn Brahm claims that there is no valid historical basis for denying ordination to bhikkunis. All that you are aware of is beauty, peace, bliss, light or whatever your perception will later call it. In this way you arrive at this beautiful monastic time scale where you are just meditating in the moment, not aware of how many minutes have gone or how many remain, not even remembering what day it is. It just sinks into the padding and stops right there.

Reaching here, you have done a great deal.

He in his immense wisdom show you the way to overcome the stress or not get stressful by changing only your internal attitude towards the causes. In this case, one should immediately go back to the previous stage of the meditation, continuous silent awareness of the beautiful breath. While working for peace in the hard meditations, you build up your strength, the momentum for peace. Experiences like this give you the wisdom and courage to abandon all thoughts about the future and all expectation as well.

Ajahn Brahm talk on the subject of Human Resources and the use of Buddhist principles in dealing with people. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. With never ending examples from his life as a monk in the Thai forests Brahm spreads the words of wisdom.

Ajahn Brahm

Now I can meditate! Ajahn Brahm talks about the importance of keeping our integrity and values throughout our lives and how we can energise our commitment to these ideals. A common problem at this stage is the tendency to control the breathing, and this makes the breathing uncomfortable. These are such still and satisfying states of consciousness that their very nature is to persist for a very long time.


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This is an accurate analogy for the process of letting go happening at this point in meditation. It is like constructing a tall building with inadequate foundations. In the way that I teach meditation, I like to begin at the very simple stage of giving up the bram of past and future. Experiences in the deeper meditative practice with the simile of the thousand petal lotus. Talks given in the years to can be accessed by clicking on the tabs on the top menu.

In the way of meditation, this abandoning of things occurs in stages, step by step.

Ajahn Brahm – Wikipedia

Solving the difficultirs and problems in the Meditation Practice. Ajahn Brahm learnt plumbing and bricklaying and built many of the current buildings himself.

You are aware of this beautiful breath continuously, moment after moment, with no break in the chain of experience.