AFI 13-204 V3 PDF

immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 1, Airfield .. Airfield Operations Standardization and Evaluations and Vol 3, Airfield. Flight Planning Procedures. IAW AFI , Vol 3, AMOPS has the overall responsibility for inputting, amending, canceling and re-filing flight. immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 2, Airfield Operations See AFI , Vol 3, Airfield Operations Procedures and.

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These precautions could include items such as issuing NOTAMs, closure of unsafe airfield areas or noncompliant portions of the airfield, briefing programs to flying personnel on safety and procedures, etc. It varies less than feet from the pilot reported altitude, or 2. Is the Host safety office responsible for the vv3 program? AFIPara 1. Unit specific mishap rates, trends and open mishap recommendations.

b3 Provide input, guidance and solutions at meetings concerning U. Create your own in minutes. Are causes of deficiencies and hazards noted? Ensure the actual name on the UMD is correct and that the individual is current. Was a written report prepared for each assessment with a copy sent to the commander of the organization?

Are privileged reports safeguarded limited access and used only for mishap prevention?

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AFIPara 6. Is the BASH plan reviewed annually for accuracy and compliance with current directives, revising as necessary? For DRs associated with a mishap investigation, do unit safety offices include an update from the appropriate afj manager prior to submitting status messages every 30 days? Normal demands associated with an office environment.

Are all safety disciplines consolidated under a single Chief of Safety? Coordinate with the appointed safety investigator to compile the mishap data that can be collected locally and forward it to the owning unit for mishap report completion, as required.


This job has expired and you can’t apply for it anymore. Start a new search. Other Activities Related to Flight Safety. Does the unit safety office acting on behalf of the commander ensure that AF Form and AF Form are available to aircrews at base operations facilities, flying squadron operations offices, in trip kits, and in USAF ATC facilities?

Subscribe to Our Email List Receive tips and info on cleared job search, security clearances and career development. The COS is tasked to assist the commander with implementation and integration of risk management into all on-duty operations and missions, and off-duty activities.

Launch vehicle operations and concerns if applicable. Spillage or leakage of radioactive, toxic, corrosive, or flammable material from aircraft stores or cargo if it creates a hazardous condition or an airborne emergency divert?

Does safety ensure designation of Phase I and Phase II bird activity periods are based on historical bird activity information?

Do units in possession of formal mishap reports destroy these reports upon receipt of the MOFE?

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Forgot your username or password? AFRC host, tenant and associate units are not tasked to conduct interim safety board ISB member training unless the commitment has been included in a letter of agreement ati host base support agreement. Issues should be resolved at the local level to the maximum extent practical before elevating. Interim Safety Boards — AFRC units are not to be tasked to conduct ISBs unless the 13-240 has been 13-2004 with the nearest active duty installation and included in a letter of agreement or Host base support agreement responsibility of the nearest Active Duty AFB.

Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost? Including Aero Med Squadron as applicable. For every bird strike, does the unit investigating officer send the remains if available to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History for identification?


AFIVol 3, Para Explosives site plans and licensed facilities.

Airfield Manager/Liaison (Curacao) in Willemstad, Willemstad |

An aircraft conducting an instrument, visual, or contact approach has landed or has 133-204 instructed to change to advisory frequency. Participation is encouraged but not required. The v items are in ai to the other items listed above: Scan this QR code to use this paper checklist on your smartphone or tablet.

This must be accomplished within 24 hours per AFPara 6. Last annual inspection results and open recommendations, unabated hazards and hazard abatement plan. Add items as desired. Integrate risk mgt into operations and planning at all levels? Interval and mode of training should be coordinated with the host base or nearest AFB. Special interest issues afu. Has the COS ensured the plan defines roles, responsibilities and notification requirements for leadership and all involved agencies?

Do the Host-Tenant support agreements adequately address safety responsibilities? Ensure all tenant units are included in the base BASH plan. Powered by Web 13-2044 Solutions, Inc. SAFSOs may use automated or manual tracking means as implemented by the squadron to track accomplishment of required events e.

Mishap Analysis Program — In order to reduce mishaps, Commanders and COSs must know the type and number of mishaps that occur in their command. Does the commander ensure all appropriate hazard abatement actions needed to control identified hazards are implemented and follow-up actions are complete? Sign Up Log In. Send me email alerts for similar jobs Submit.