new edition of Jean-Pierre de Caussade’s oustanding work of spiritual direction, Abandonment to Divine Providence. This work, written in the. Jean Pierre de Caussade (7 March – 8 December ) was a French Jesuit priest and writer. He is especially known for the work ascribed to him, Abandonment to Divine Providence, and also his work with the Nuns of the. And this fidelity is equally within everyone’s capacity in both its active and passive exercise.” ― Jean-Pierre de Caussade, Abandonment to Divine Providence.

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That is the message of this 18th-century inspirational classic by Jean-Pierre de Caussade. The gifts He bestows on them are not always the most apparent to the senses, nor the most agreeable, nor the most sought after, but the most necessary and solid; all the more so, usually, in being less felt and more mortifying to self-love; for that which helps us most powerfully to live to God is what best enables us to die to diviine.

S4 In what Perfection Consists. And this fidelity is equally within everyone’s capacity in both its active provisence passive exercise.

Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre De Caussade | : Books

Whoever the author was, he or she believed that the present moment is a sacrament from God and that self-abandonment to it and its needs is a holy state — a belief which, in the theological climate of France at the time, was considered close to Quietist heresy.

S8 Self-guidance a Mistake. Browse All Religious Education. Therefore, from henceforth, I renounce my own will to follow Yours in all things; dispose of me, Oh my God, according to Your good will and pleasure.


S12 The Divine Word our Model. Profit by them lrovidence, and God will bless you. The active practice of fidelity consists in accomplishing the duties which devolve upon us whether imposed by the general laws of God and of the Church, or by the particular state that we may have embraced.

In reality, holiness consists in one thing alone, namely, fidelity to God’s plan. God is to be found in the simplest of our daily activities and especially through total surrender to whatever is His will for each of us. How I wish that I could make them understand that just as the good and the bad thief had the same things to do and to suffer; so also two persons, one of whom is worldly and the other leading an interior and wholly spiritual life have, neither of them, anything different to do or to suffer; but that one is sanctified and attains eternal happiness by submission to Your holy will in those very things by which the other is damned because he does them to please himself, or endures them with reluctance and rebellion.

Introduction to the Devout Life. Souls which have once for all submitted themselves to the divine action, ought to interpret everything favourably.

Abandonment to Divine Providence

Reflect that all the sins of your past wicked life happened because you wandered from the path of God’s will. He was deeply influenced by the writings of both St. Instead of looking upon his condition as ruin, he called it the name of God and by blessing it he protested that the divine will under whatever name or form it might appear, even though expressed by the most terrible catastrophes, was holy.


If you abajdonment live according to the Gospel, abandon yourself simply and entirely to the action of God. The Holy Spirit, who arranges all the pieces on providemce board of life, will, by this fruitful and continual presence of His action, say at povidence hour of death, “fiat lux,” “let there be light” Gen.

God, who knows our weakness in this respect, allows us to grovel like worms in the mud of our imperfections, until He finds us capable of being raised without feeling any foolish self-satisfaction, or any contempt of others.

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Jesus Christ is its supreme mouthpiece. Jean-Pierre De Caussade, S. These numerous letters provide a great additional source of wisdom and practical guidance for how to grow in abandonment and to deepen our union with God in our daily lives. Want to Read saving…. S1 Hidden Operations of God. Into Your Hands, Father. S7 Conviction of Weakness.

S11 Everything is Supernaturalised by the Divine Action. Its passive exercise consists in the loving acceptance of all that God sends us at each moment. S7 On the Attainment of Providenec.