Russell’s Periodontal Indfex & CPITN Probe Seminar For Public Health Dentistry. A periodontal examination is a clinical examination of the periodontium (gums). It is routinely carried out in dentistry and allied specialties. Many different techniques are used around the world. A report by World Health Organization in led to the creation of the Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN). Use of a special CPITN periodontal probe (or its equivalent) is recommended. For epidemiological purposes in adult populations, 10 specified index teeth are.

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Methods A cross-sectional study was performed in a small rural population in southern Brazil including individuals over 18 years of age for whom cpint status was unknown. Muthukumar S, Suresh R. Although many of these advances are universally applicable, particular attention is given to methods and techniques that Positive and negative predictive values were Few instruments available for periodontal screening have been validated against a standard exam, and the performance of cpifn instruments for screening purposes is unpredictable when the disease status of the population is unknown.

Fifty-seven individuals were excluded for not meeting the minimum number of natural teeth. The extent and severity imdex Population data collected through the CPITN should be carefully interpreted, especially when drawing conclusions in the field of descriptive periodontal epidemiology targeting public health strategies, service cost studies and service demand estimation.

Assesment of periodontal disease using the CPITN index in rural population in Ninevah, Iraq

Influence of CPITN partial recordings on estimates of prevalence and severity of various periodontal conditions in adults. Community Dent Health ; 7: Multi-center clinical evaluation of a chair side method for detecting certain periodontal bacteria in periodontal disease.


By using this site, you agree to the Indwx of Use and Privacy Policy. A total of 80 sites were selected from 20 patients with generalized chronic periodontitis.

Data were entered using Epi Info 6.

Related articles Community periodontal index of treatment needs benzoyl-DL-arginine napthylamide chronic periodontitis putative periodontal pathogens. J Nihon Univ Sch Dent ; Community periodontal index of treatment needs index: CPITN and the epidemiology of periodontal disease. A periodontal examination is a clinical examination of the periodontium gums. Braz Dent J ;9: It has a ball end of diameter 0. infex

The worst finding in a sextant dictates the sextant’s BPE score. Individuals are assigned to one of four treatment need categories determined from their CPITN scores. It is taken for granted that periodontal disease varies considerably among populations 16,17,20,21,22 and inrex severe limitations in the current disease descriptors exist 23,24, Silva assisted the elaboration of the protocol, conducted field work, collected data, and assisted in drafting the xpitn.

All these methods use the WHO probe. In dental practice all teeth are examined and the highest score for each sextant noted.

Periodontal examination – Wikipedia

Partial CPITN included the examination of 10 index teeth 17, 16, 11, 26, 27, 36, 37, 31, 46, 47when present, for the evaluation of the sextant’s score. The screening tests operated similarly. Periodontal status in Cpitm de Janeiro city Brazil.


How to cite this URL: Several authors have proposed short tests for periodontal screening 2,4,26, J Periodontol ; Braz Dent J Effect of examining half the teeth in a partial periodontal recording of older adults.

We conducted a cross-sectional face-to-face interview survey in of adults aged years using a stratified, multistage sampling method. Even the full CPITN version used in the present study, although examining all teeth, could be considered a partial instrument since the multiplicity of sites is not considered for the diagnosis when a single score is applied for each sextant.

Positive predictive value for the reduced version was This may be the most reasonable explanation for the operational characteristics observed. Periodontal status of older Floridians attending senior activity centers.

Periodontal examination

Discussion Periodontitis severity and prevalence in this sample were similar to the values observed in similar populations, although the present study used a convenience sample 17,31,32 which could have influenced the predictive values but not the sensitivity and specificity if the prevalence was artificially modified by selection bias.

It is routinely carried out in dentistry and allied specialties. There is a need for dental prophylaxis and instruction in the use of oral hygiene procedures. J Dent Coitn ; The objective was to assess the validity of CPITN index as indicator of anaerobic periodontal infection. Nippon Shishubyo Gakkai Kaishi ;