IBM Cognos Connection User Guide IBM Cognos Transformer Developer Guide . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay. Documents IBM Cognos Connection User Guide Description Using IBM . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay products. User Guide – Cognos Transformer – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File IBM Cognos PowerPlay Version Migration and Administration Guide.

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In Cognos Transformer, you can specify Unicode as a valid character set. Page Windows production jobs, we recommend that you create your own preference file based on the settings in the cogtr.

By default, Cognos Transformer automatically partitions your cubes. For example, you can base a calculation on cotnos special time categories Current Month and Last Month.

Either you have referred to a view by an object name or object identifier that Cognos Transformer is unable to locate, or you have not referenced the view.

Check the userr of the temporary files, as specified on the Directories tab of the Preferences property sheet; for example, Data Temporary Files dir1;dir2. If you select Average and the Degree of detail set for the column is Day, the identical records are summed and then divided by the number of day categories in the month.

G Option -ox option. There are several benefits to authoring and storing powerplah drill-through paths in IBM Cognos Connection instead of in the Cognos Transformer model: Command line options are case-insensitive.


Page using pcactivate. Page In Transformer version 8. When creating a multilingual package in Framework Manager that you intend to use as a data source in Cognos Transformer, you must use a design language powerplya corresponds to the Cognos Transformer operating system language. When the expression is complete, click OK.

IBM Cognos User Manual

This action was taken to avoid syntax errors transformmer MDL. Save to save the command line file to your computer. There are several constraints that apply when defining these two types of rollup together: PowerCubes – you can specify here a list of cubes created by the model. You can view these signons in the Cognos Transformer user interface, but you cannot change them.


The value in the date column must be the same for all trabsformer in the array. On Windows, use this option in combination with -n to open Cognos Transformer, perform the specified action in batch mode, and then close Cognos Transformer.

Page year function years-between function Index Set Category Allocation Example – Allocating a Measure to Levels in the Time Dimension You decide to allocate your annual sales forecasts on a monthly basis, in proportion to powrrplay revenues.

Omit Categories Using Suppress The values for the descendants of a suppressed category are rolled up and retained in the ancestor category.

IBM may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you. Procedure Instead of deleting the entire cube from the group, guidw can create a dimension view that excludes the data associated with the category you want to remove.

PowerCubes in Production Envi Consolidation Consolidation uses rollups to combine records with identical non-measure values into a single record, thereby reducing cube size and improving run-time performance in your OLAP reporting component. However, these products can also be configured to use the data format configuration file. Page Cognos Transformer does not allow dimension views that use Summarize or Cloak for time dimensions that specify a time-state rollup for one or more measures.

For a different default setting, open the cogtr.

To verify that you have maintained a 1: Page Returns the integer obtained from truncating the result of an integer divided by a second integer. With Auto-partition, you can let Cognos Transformer determine where to place the partitions or you can define the partitions manually. This is because Cognos Transformer can associate such measures directly, without confirming their context in the level hierarchy.

Cognos Study Guide: Cognos PowerPlay Transformer

In the PowerCube Status dialog box, select the cube whose staus you want to view. The name you specify for powerp,ay levels must match the source column name.


AutoPartitionOff Setting A setting of 2 ensures that model files imported into cognoa current version of Cognos Transformer switch to use the Auto-Partition feature, unless one or more cubes in the model cognso features that preclude use of this default optimization method.

On the Categories diagram, Cognos Transformer inserts the new level to the left of the level on which you drop the source column. Under normal circumstances, the Cognos Transformer Windows interface prevents you from including a measure that is excluded in an ancestor custom view.

Page Parameter name Description The name of the data source. Data formats depend on the locale configuration settings for your Cognos Series 7 Version 3 product. This setting specifies the cut-off date that determines whether the two-digit year YY in a six-digit date is a 20th or 21st century date. Page 67 Procedure You define the Month01 column in each data source as the first column in a twelve-member array.

The measure used to provide the weighting for another measure is not found in the same data source. Page Returns the result: If you want to republish a sample PowerCube, republish it cognso a different name. Giide following table describes the parameters specified in the publish specification file.

Transformer User Guide 10.2.1

You can tansformer this capability to avoid unnecessary processing, resulting in a more efficient model design. This preference does not apply when the Cognos Transformer Version Cognos Transformer is unable to locate columns for use in the AutoDesign process. Using the previous example, the location would be C: Powercube Optimization Methods, Rollup Functions The rollup functions specify how measure values are evaluated in the reporting components.

If you create data sources using IBM Cognos reports, any sorting or grouping defined in the reports is not supported.