Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor who ruled the Roman Empire between AD and , is one of the best recorded individuals from antiquity. Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor who ruled the Roman Empire In this accessible and scholarly study, Professor Birley paints a. MARCUS AURELIUS A Biography By Anthony Birley Yale University Press. pp. $ WHEN PLATO, in The Republic, foresaw no end of.

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Marcus Aurelius: A Biography

One story in particular records the effect which the entry of Antoninus to a meeting of the senate had produced, some time in that January. Jan 31, Andrew Dockrill rated it really liked it. The death of Servianus and his grandson had made a deep impression.

Fronto especially, as a forensic orator, would have justification in looking down on the theorists. Theorists liked to see the empire as a confederation of city-states, fulfilling the aspirations of the great age of Greek history. The episode is curious. Rome found it profitable to have allies as far away as the Caucasus; and the Black Sea was virtually a Roman preserve, for the Greek cities of its coasts were under careful supervision.

The urbane Marcus Cornelius Fronto rivalled Herodes in popular esteem. Commodus made co-emperor, aged 15, and is consul with his brother-in- law Quintillus Commodus, aged 16, marries Crispina August 3: The taking of the toga virilis was birlet the moment for the beginning of the third stage of education, in oratory or rhetoric.


Marcus Aurelius: A Biography – Anthony R Birley – Google Books

Swarms of bees settled on his statues throughout Etruria. When the Mausoleum was ready, the body was transferred to the Garden of Domitia in which it stood, for the official funeral ceremony and consecratio, which no doubt followed the by now traditional lines. Entry into the service was controlled solely by the emperor, but there seem to have been various aurwlius means of starting on the ladder. Marcus replied that he would give it abthony.

Physical Description p.

Even his face became more than usually familiar: Twice a year they played a prominent part in religious ceremonies which marked the opening and close of the campaigning season, at the Quinquatrus on 19 March, and the Armilustrium on 19 October.

But he could be tactless and hot-headed as well. Abigail Lennah rated anthlny liked it May 17, About Anthony Richard Birley.

To translate this into modern terms would be meaningless. This garrison was, of course, supplemented by the presence of non-citizen auxiliary regiments in substantial numbers. It fell on the knight who was following me, and we got away.

Quite when, why and who remains a mystery. Hadrian, at the critical time of his accession, had transferred him to the Syrian army, a position of the highest importance.

When we were shown in, we anthojy him lying on a Greek-style couch, surrounded by many men of eminent learning, noble birth, or wealth. Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? The patricians had more chance of becoming consul ordinarius. He was thrifty and a conscientious landlord.


Wayne T rated it liked it May 25, Birleyy was designated consul for and Pius was to be his colleague. Julius Caesar Ahthony when posthumously adopted by the assassinated dictator Julius Caesar. Open to the public Held. The family is patrician, his father a most honourable man, his mother equally praiseworthy; he himself is scholarly, well-read, something of an orator. Annius Verus, now presumably in his early thirties, was of the company.

He had commanded one of the German legions, had served in no less than three junior prefectures at Rome, had governed Cappadocia and then Armenia in the Parthian war he aureliks the only man ever to govern Armenia, a new province given up by Hadrian in and had been decorated by Trajan.

My Lady [his mother] greets you.

Emperor of Rome -Biographies. On the other hand, had his answer been negative, his position in any future reign, let alone for the remainder of that of Hadrian, would have been almost intolerable. Pat Padden rated it really liked it Feb 24, Check copyright status Cite this Title Marcus Aurelius: It is clear however, that Hadrian cannot have seen much of Marcus during these boyhood years.

This is certainly a grave young man.